"Embracing Darkness and Loving Our Dreams" Rättviks Konsthall. Rasimus
Träsnitt mdf-kliché. Woodcuts, mdf- cliché
"Golden Boxer" Woodcut/ paint on Canvas
"Guldpall och dunkar" träsnitt 400g papper vikta till form av lastpall och dunk. 2013 Rasimus "Golden Pallet and Cans" Woodcut Print 400g paper fold into shapes of wood pallet and cans.
Moment Örebro Konsthall Rasimus "Cactus Cowboy" Woodcut and paint on 230g paper.
"Storytelling" Dalarnas Museum - Smoker - Home Improvement
Open Art - Vepor/Tapestry for Open Art.
Woodcut and Collage on Paper Galleri Lindqvist
How The West Was Won 2014
ILO” Porvoo Art Hall and Corner Gallery 24.4-17.5. 2015 in Porvoo, Finland
Rasimus Studio print and canvas.
Self Portrait With Silver- Cowboy and Jiggle. Konst Akademien Stockholm. Rasimus
"Ikea Konsol med Guldplanka". "Ikea Style Bracket with Golden Wood Plank Installation", Paper and woodcut foldings.
Close up. Träsnitt/ Folded Woodcuts from Installation Rättviks konsthall "Elvis on Drugs" 2014