22 songs of love: John Rasimus cd from 1996 was one part of an art installation called "Dieter sings about love". See the film. press the text. Love songs was made with John´s two guitars and one drum machine and a fostex porta 4 ch. studio.
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Song Title: Quick time Download as: Mp3 file Artist: Min:
01. Love song 01 Love Song.mp3 John Rasimus 1.05
02. I Love u babe 02 I Love u Babe.mp3 John Rasimus 1.13
03. Those days 03 Those days.mp3 John Rasimus 1.00
04. Sentimental love song 04 Sentimental love song.mp3 John Rasimus 0.59
05. Crying love song 05 Crying love song.mp3 John Rasimus 1.41
06. I Love You 06 I love You.mp3 John Rasimus 2.16
07. I was made to love you 07 I was made to love you.mp3 John Rasimus 2.30
08. Yes I love you, yes I love you 08 Yes I Love you, Yes I Love you Yes I Love you.mp3 John Rasimus 2.01
09. It will never be the same now 09 It will never be the same now.mp3 John Rasimus 1.26
10. Seventeen years love 10 Seventeen years love.mp3 John Rasimus 2.59
11. I Understand why I love you 11 I understand why I love you.mp3 John Rasimus 0.38
12. Old song about love 12 Old song about love.mp3 John Rasimus 1.32
13. Never gonna treat you crule again 13 Never gonna treat you crule.mp3 John Rasimus 1.39
14. She left me this morning 14 She left me this morning.mp3 John Rasimus 2.23
15. How will I ever Know 15 How will I ever know.mp3 John Rasimus 0.48
16. Talking love 16 Talkin_Love.mp3 John Rasimus 0.49
17. Johnny he left the party 17 Johnny he left the party.mp3 John Rasimus 0.34
18. Honey honey suger pie 18 Honey honey suger pie.mp3 John Rasimus 0.30
19. Love rock`n´roll 19 Love rock n roll.mp3 John Rasimus .1.30
20. I love you and you love me 20 I love you and you love me.mp3 John Rasimus 6.30
21. Love you more and more 21 Love you more and more.mp3 John Rasimus 0.45
22. Happy Love song 22 Happy Love song.mp3 John Rasimus 1.53
Song of love album was made for an art installation 1996 called:

"Dieter sings about love". See the Video Art. 5 min.